We are a married couple who are enjoying and developing our hobby of photography.  We operate this website under the title “Fantasy Dabblers”.  We like to fill it with beautiful and fun photographs.  We include portrait and other pictures of professional models including boudoir and artistic nude styles.  We are developing a speciality of crazy fun such as fantasy warriors, mermaids, Christmas elves and Hallowe’en horror. We sometimes mix stories where it adds to the fun (e.g.  Christmas elves with lightsabers).


One of us is disabled, having significant physical and some mental impairments.  He (call him”A”) is registered “blind”, and has poor hearing.  He suffered kidney disease and is very fortunate to have had a successful kidney transplant nearly 40 years ago.  But there are side effects from the original disease and the long term anti-refection treatment.  He has also suffered from anxiety and depression caused by stress.  It may seem strange for someone who has such poor vision to take up photography as a hobby.  A gets lots of fun from the hobby but there are limits to what he can do.  Action shots such as wildlife and sports are impossible and even landscapes are difficult for someone who is colour blind and can not see things sighted people would easily remove from a shot.  That is why this site concentrates on pictures of professinal models who know how to pose), frequently shot in controlled conditions such as a studio.


We are both retired from employment after working for many years with major employers in London.  We now live in a small village and travel a lot all over the world.


Thank you for visiting.  We hope you have fun with what you see.