Expanding Our Range: Two Days of Experiments

We have just completed two fun shoot days with some amazing models who have been a delight to spend time with. The first was with Bad Dolly and the second a duo day with Scarlot Rose and Scarlett Foxett. On each day, we added some more experimental features to our […]

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Boy’s Toy?

Yes, A bought a new camera at the trade show attached to the convention of the Societies of Photographers. At least, he upgraded one – from the Sony a7 rII to the a7 rIII. Why did he do it? He has been immensely pleased with the rII. It produced incredibly […]

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A Weekend with the Societies

Over 5 days in January 2018, we took part in the convention of the Societies of Photographers in London. The convention included competitions, training seminars and workshops, a trade show and a wonderful chance to meet up with other photographers of all styles. We studied the seminar programme carefully as […]

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August Objectives

2016 has been a busy year for us so far.  We planned for August to be different.  As the “Things to get Done in August” list has grown, it has become more and more apparent that it will be at least as busy as the rest of the year. Our […]

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Bondage Safety in Action

This post discusses grown up people having fun in ways some may find unconventional.  Children and those who do not want to be exposed to this discussion should navigate away now.

1st British Fetish Film Festival

In February, we attended the first British Fetish Film Festival.  it was the first fetish event in the UK that we had been to.