Yes, we are crazy. We have Christmas themed shoots in November and December.

As hobbyist photographers, we can shoot the scene that seems fun at the time. And while the house is decorated for Christmas, we can shoot crazy Christmas scenes. No sensible professional would do this. Their shoots are timed into a schedule for publication. Christmas themes are probably shot in the summer or earlier. For us, it means we have lots of pictures in reserve so you can look forward to more coming out on social media towards the end of 2020. And we aim to keep publishing pages in our Portfolios and they just sit there so we can do that whenever we get the time. But we also decided to say a little now (only 3 months late) about the amazing models who came to see us in November and December 2019,

Our first visitor was the remarkable Emily “Jezebelle” Hamilton. She is a delightful person and her hair gives her an unique look. We were very pleased with the pictures we created with her in a variety of styles.

Our second Christmas shoot was with Samantha Alexandra and it was also the second time we had shot with her. Due to her other commitments, we do not shoot a full day but her energy and enthusiasm allow us to pack lots of fun into the time we have. This included a shoot in front of the little Christmas scene we had set up in the living room.

By the way, we are not sure what swans have to do with Christmas but this one appealed to us when we were out shopping. This is one of the many joys of hobby photography. We can add whatever props we like without having to think of whether they are what paying customers expect. Oh, and her name is Serena. 🙂

A few days later, Nicky Phillips came to visit. We have had a brief shoot with her on location but this was her first visit to us. We hope it will not be her last and that circumstances allow us to look at re-booking before long.

As December arrived, we welcomed our regular collaborator and co-conspirator in crazy imagination – Keira Lavelle. Among other ideas, she helped us shape our Christmas message of love and goodwill to all.

In the middle of December, we enjoyed a fabulous two day shoot with the wonderful Sophia Smith. We spent the first day at Two Wei Location House – about which we will certainly say more in other posts. On the second day – at home – we included some Christmas shots where Sophia brought he customary style and total professionalism.

Our final shoot of the year was with Rachelle Summers and Scarlot Rose. We had one day with them but split it between a morning at Two Wei and and afternoon at home. They also helped us with the Christmas message of love.

We hope you have enjoyed these few hints of what we did for Christmas in 2019 and will be patient with us until we can get more onto the Portfolios.

– End –

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