December – Shoot at Home with Scarlett Fox


December – Shoot with Natalia Forrest at her house

One of Natalia’s first shoots at her new home.  We commend her energy in turning the new house into a brilliant photography location in so short a time.


December – Shoot at Home with Rachelle Summers

Rachelle has become something of a regular visitor before Christmas so this year we limited the Christmas themed sets and were able to shoot lots of other ideas as well.


November – Extended location shoot in Portugal with Bed Dolly, Penny Lee, Sophia Smith and Temptress Kate

Our most ambitious event to date, this was over a week of photography with us taking the lead in selecting and engaging the models.  Accommodation, food and off-site locations were again superbly handled by Iain T.


November – Weekend Convention in Germany


October – Photography Holiday in Crete with Keira Lavelle and Renaissance

Another week of varied scenes and styles with two brilliantly creative ladies


October – Photography Holiday in Portugal with Artemis Fauna and Ivory Flame

Six amazing days of shooting with these distinctive models


September – A shooting at Home with Penny Lee and Bad Dolly

Again, A wants to thank these wonderful models for a great shoot and for their help.


September – A shooting with Stephanie Bonham Carter at our house

With M away, A continued photography on his own.  He very much appreciated all the help Stephanie gave him both during the shoot and around the house.


September – M in Italy with Andrew Appleton and models


September – Shoot with Natalia Forrest at her home

Natalia was moving into a new house and this was arranged as our last shoot at her old one.  


September – Photography Holiday with Rachelle Summers and Keira Lavelle in Portugal

Another whole week of photography based on a stylish contemporary villa


August – Shoot with Tillie at Natural Light Spaces

With her determination and athleticism, Tillie created amazing shapes and flying leaps on the studio’s feature infinity cove as well as stylish bedroom and warehouse sets


August – Shoot at Home with Bad Dolly and Emily “Jezebelle” Hamilton


August – Shoot at Home with UK Cute Girl


July-August – Week long photography holiday to Czech Republic with Keira Lavelle


July – Shoot at Home with Zoe Page and Sarah Gregory


June – Photography Holiday in Spain


June – Art Nude workshop with Andrew Appleton


June – Photography Holiday in Croatia with Rachelle Summers and Natalia Forrest

Three amazing days of photography in this beautiful country based in a truly magnificent villa

May – Photography Holiday in Portugal with Artemis Fauna and Carla Monaco

Three fabulous days of photography in beautiful locations and including special themed sessions.


May – Week long photography holiday in Portugal with Keira Lavelle and Renaissance


May – Shoot at Home with Misuzu


April – Shoot at Home with Penny Lee


April – Shoot at Home with Little Red Girl

Sadly, we had been forced to cancel a previous date for this shoot due to our illness but we had a wonderful day, full of energy and fun.


April – Shoot with Sophia Smith and Lauren Louise

A wonderful, fun shoot at our home with two models who work brilliantly together.


April – Shoot with Tillie at Thurston Lodge

This shoot was arranged for the very next day after the Boudoir workshop – and we didn’t even have to move.  We were already staying at Thurston Lodge.


April – “Boudoir” style Workshop with Andrew Appleton


April – Shoot with Natalia Forrest at her Home


March – Shoot at Home with Rachelle Summers


March – Shoot at Home with Bad Dolly

A delightful day shooting Dolly with a variety of costumes she brought with her


March – Shoot in Portugal with Scarlot Rose

A two day visit to Portugal facilitated by Iain T, who provided accommodation, food and transport.  


March – Shoot at Home with Kitty Quinzell


February – Shoot in Leicester with Paige Antonia


January-February – Photography Holiday to the French Alps  

A week based in a stylish chalet with modelling by Rachelle Summers, Rosa Brlghid and Bexie Williams.  A Highlight was the day we wen up a cable car to the mountain tops and saw the world in glorious sunshine.


January – Shoot with Scarlot Rose and Scarlett Foxett

Scarlot and Scarlett visited us the day after Dolly and helped us with more new ideas, including shooting at a local hall as well as in the home/studio.


January – Shoot with Bad Dolly

Dolly came to complete the shoot that had to be cut short in December.  We had just been to the annual meeting of the Societies of Photography and came back with lots of new ideas and a fair bit of new equipment.  Dolly created lots of new looks for us.