April – Shot with Simone Huntley at Map Studios
A two hour slot allowed very welcome chances to renew acquaintances with both this lovely model and the well-equipped studio.

April – Shoot at Home with Emily “Jezebelle” Hamilton
We were very happy to get a final shoot with Emily before her planned retirement from modelling.

March – A shooting with Rachelle Summers in London
While M was in Vietnam, A needed to spend some time in London for a hosp[tal appointment. He was lucky to be able to add a day shooting with Rachelle in an apartment she had taken for the purpose.

March – M on photography holiday to Vietnam with Natalia forrest, Keira Lavelle and Bex White
A week in this wonderful, exotic location.

March – Shoots connected to the Photography Show
We found an interestng location to stay for the Photography Show at the UK’s National Exhibition Centre. We arranged short shoots with Rachelle Summers and Nicole Rayner; Keira Lavelle and Nicky Phillips.

March – Shoot at Home with Scarlett Fox
This was a day when M was having a one-to-one tutorial with Andrew Appleton as part of the mentoring he is doing for M. In the morning, Andrew was teaching camera techniques and Scarlett modeled. In the afternoon, Andrew was teaching M computer techniques so Scarlett shot with A.

March – Shoot at Home with Rachel Adams

March – A shoots at Home with Rachelle Summers and Keira Lavelle
A shoot while M was in Venice

February-March – M on photography holiday to Venice
This was a regular trip to the Carnival organised by professional photographer/trainer Andrew Appleton but M added a couple of extra days for herself.

February – Shoot/Tutorial with Scarlot Rose and Christian Red
A day in which we combined learning from Christian with admiring his work and shooting Scarlot