On this page, we plan to list changes to the site as we make them. This may help visitors to the site identify new material but it is mainly for ourselves, to tell us what we have been doing.

We are only opening this page in May 2019. Any earlier entries are based on our poor memories of what we have done, so don’t rely on them too much. 🙂

28 August 2019
Investigation of apparent problems on portfolio pages and subsequent adjustments on many portfolio pages and portfolio items

26 August 2019
Updated 2019 Shoots List
Worked on problem with Portfolio pages

19 May 2019
Created “Two Favourite Slavegirls” in Portfolio 3
Updated 2019 Shoots List

5 May 2019
Created “Caroline and Lucy with Spreader Bars” in Portfolio 3

4 May 2019
Created “Lucy’s Cat” in Portfolio 1
Created “The Tuscan Villa with Artemis” in Portfolio 1

3 May 2019
Created “Enter the Dragon Warrior” in Portfolio 1
Created “Natalia Lingerie Living” in Portfolio 1
Created “Tuscany with Artemis Fauna” in Portfolio 1
Created “Rachel Adams Steampunk Cat” in Portfolio 1

2 May 2019
Created “Cute Girl Fiddles” in Portfolio 3
Created “Scarlot and Scarlett” duo Art Nude in Portfolio 2

1 May 2019
Updated 2019 Shoots List
Updated “Just Add Water” (Portfolio 2)
Added gallery to “At the Old Mill” in Portfolio 1
Created “At the Old Mill – 2” in Portfolio 2
Created “A Car in Prague” in Portfolio 1
Created “Natalia Ninety Degrees” in Portfolio 3