We have just completed two fun shoot days with some amazing models who have been a delight to spend time with. The first was with Bad Dolly and the second a duo day with Scarlot Rose and Scarlett Foxett. On each day, we added some more experimental features to our regular shoot of fantasy fun.

A was shooting with his updated camera, the Sony a7 rIII. Although not an exhaustive or scientific test, his impression was that focussing was faster and more consistent. He was also pleased that the larger battery saw him safely through the day – especially helpful because he hasn’t yet been able to get a spare battery. The biggest frustration so far is that the RAW file format is different, and his preferred software doesn’t yet support it. He is currently shooting both RAW and JPG files – and puzzling over whether to replace his processing software!

Among many new ideas, we experimented with new lights (and new arrangements of old lights) including both LED continuous lighting and on and off camera flash. We also used – and were very pleased with – new backgrounds.

Dolly lit by natural light from the window supplemented by continuous LED lighting

Scarlot and Scarlett looked great with the new vynil backgrounds on the backdrop and floor.

An important experiment was the use of a local hall as a location. This gave us height and space we don’t have in our home studio. This hall also offered two quite different backgrounds – both of which delivered pleasing results. Our thanks to the organising committee for the hall who made sure it was adequately heated for the models.

The models look amazing against the folding doors.  In future, we will work on cotrolling the reflection on the doors more completely but we judged it a successful first experiment. 

Ballgowns and Swords:  just another of our crazy fun ideas.

As well as confirming that the particular ideas we tried can work for us, these experiments increase our confidence for trying new things.  Our thanks again to the models who helped with this successful day.

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