Life is getting far more busy than it used to be (see note 1 at end of Post).

As is sometimes the way with things, more gets done when we are busier so we choose to start updating the website and writing new blog posts just as we are betting to our busiest. A big part of the reason is that we are feeling the lack of any long lasting record of what we are doing. Hence the updating of the website (far from complete). Hence the idea of posting out our activity as photographers.

As the month opened, M was in Venice, shooting the cityscape and Carnival. A was shooting with the amazing Rachelle Summers and Keira Lavelle. They also stayed overnight. We are not sure what it is doing for our reputation in the village that when M is away A has pretty, young girls to stay. Our neighbours know we are photographers and we’re content that they think we are pretty crazy too!

Keira brought “Gerald” the unicorn with her. She knows us well enough to know we would be happy to share her fun with Gerald.

Just a few days later, but with M back home, we hosted the US star Rachel Adams for a shoot at our home. This was the first time we had met Rachel and we discovered all the lovely things people have said about her, both as a model and as a person, are true. The first pictures of her are on the site already (in the “private” galleries so, sorry, for people we know only for the moment) and more will be joining them soon.

By the middle of the month, we would be welcoming our third day of shooting at home, but first we went for a weekend to north Wales, to the characterful location of Portmeirion. This has become a regular trip for us and we love the place both for its quirky atmosphere and the warm hospitality and delicious food of the hotel.

Watch out for weather balloons

Back home, Scarlett Fox spent a day with us. The same day, M was having a one-to-one tutorial with her professional photographer mentor. So in the morning, Scarlett worked with M and the mentor and in the afternoon Scarlett worked with A while M was working on Photoshop and other post-production techniques.

So, the weekend after Portmeirrion we were away again. This time to the Photography Show at the UK’s National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham. We took the opportunity to arrange three short shoots (1-2 hours each) with models who either were working at or reasonably local to, the show. This introduced us to two more models we have wanted to work with, Nicole Rayner and Nicky Phillips. We had lots of fun with everyone (see Note 2 at end of post).

We were home for one full day – with lots of washing and re-packing – before M was on her way again, this time to Hong Kong and Vietnam. She was making a short stop in Hong Kong to get over jet lag and to feed her passion for Disney parks. In Vietnam, she was having an exciting week of photography organised by Natalia Forrest on which Keira Lavelle and Bex White would be joining her as models.

Meanwhile, A travelled in England on his own, going first to the north east for a family get-together and then to London to shoot Rachelle Summers and for a hospital appointment. It has been some time since he did anything near so ambitious on his own and he admits he was made aware of how his physical impairments are more restricting. He is very grateful to all those – family, acquaintances and ordinary people on trains and in the street – who gave so much help to him throughout.

Yes, March 2019 has been a busy month for hobbyist photographers who have neither clients to pay for their work nor a website or similar to fill with material. But it has been enormous fun. Which is just as well, because the next few months look just as busy. 🙂

Note 1: Those old time management lessons we learned at work tell us life doesn’t get busier: We do something every day for the full 24 hours (except when daylight saving starts and ends). What changes is what we choose to do. We remain amazed and so happy that we are far busier than we used to be – but less stressed about it. All we did in March contrasts with just 4 years ago (2015) when only one model came to our house in the whole year. But the site has lot of pictures from that visit. Check out the Gallery. 🙂

Note 2: At time of writing, we are not accepting new photo assignments with models we do not know unless they fit in with something we are already doing. This is because of our workload and uncertainty about A’s health. The shoots at the Photography Show fitted in with a visit we already had booked.

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