Pictures of the gorgeous Tillie doing the classic “bikini babe” routine on a beach in Cyprus on one of our location shoots in June 2017.

A would like to add two things about this set of pictures.

First, he doesn’t think they are not very remarkable in one sense. He thinks of them as standard bikini shots of the sort holiday companies love to fill corners of their brochures with. As he said to Tillie at the time, he doubts if either he or she will think of them as among their greatest work. It was, however, one of the first times it occurred to him that he was capable to taking pictures that would hold their own in professional company. So theree is a milestone of a sort. 🙂

Second, these are shots from a few years ago before A corrected a setting on his computer which was affecting the “colour space” of his output. He had not noticed because of his colour blindness. And he can not see whether all pictures from that era need re-editing. But that’s life when you can’t see well. We are getting on with things and hope you will lots more appearing on the website in the future.

Tnank you, Tillie – and Rachelle Summers for organising the trip.

Page created on 11th January 2020.