Shoot Chronology – How Photography has Taken Over

Anita deBauch

This page explains the growth of our photography hobby and the layout of the shoots pages for each year.   We first started to study and develop our photography in March 2014 when we went on a course teaching about photographing old buildings.  We enjoyed that so much we went to a second day about photographing people in old buildings.  That is where the idea of shooting models embedded itself in our minds.  We went on to study through online courses and joining a local enthusiast group as well as further courses with the same providers as held those first two.  By the end of that year, we had acquired some studio lights and shot our first model at home.  We will always remember and be grateful to Anita deBauch for this.

Ariel Anderssen

2015 was still a relatively quiet year for us.  We started with a lighting workshop with Ariel Anderssen and her husband, Hywel, and attended several more training days.  We had our first overseas photography holiday with Photofinca to Spain and we each went on one course with him based in or around his studio in Yorkshire.  But again, we only had one model come to shoot in our home, Ariel Anderssen.


Sophia Smith in 2016

Things started to get busier in 2016.  We started to upgrade facilities and equipment and expanded our range of shoots both at home and away.  We had more holidays and more shoots at locations away from home but the most dramatic increase was in shoots and what we could now legitimately call our home/studio – jumping from 1 to 9 including 2 with two models.


It was in 2017 that photography could be said to take over our lives.  There were more shoots at home (14 days) and in studios and other UK locations but trips abroad  increased a lot too.  One reason for this was uncertainty about A’s health.  That uncertainty was one of the causes of significant stress in the early part of the year.  Although we have got some control over the stress, the uncertainty continues and we are still doing whatever we can while we can.  2018 was even busier – but even  more fun.  It means  we are taking pictures far faster than we can process them or get them on this website.  We are working to bring you some updates but we reckon there will be plenty of time for that later.

Each of the other “Shoot” pages contains a list of days or evens where we were taking pictures in reverse chronological order (that is, the most recent first).  Click on any of the titles to be taken to the relevant portfolio post or page.

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