Shoot at “The Facility” in November 2015

We had heard a lot about “The Facility” during 2015 and were quite excited about the shoot that was arranged there in which we would be working with two exceptional models, Ariel Anderssen and Sophia Smith.  We had a wonderful, fun morning shooting there.

Our special thanks also to Big John at The Facility for all the help he gave us during and after the shoot.

Sophia Smith in the Tall Cage  –  Private Gallery

Ariel in the Small Cage  –  Private Gallery

Ariel in the Tall Cage  –  Private Gallery


October – “Escape Challenge” performances see at BoundCon Austria

Sunday  –  Cobie and Delona  –  Private Gallery

Saturday  –  Minuit and Andreas  –  Private Gallery

Friday  – Cobie and MaestroBD   –  Private Gallery

Friday  –  Lillian Caine and Lew Rubens   –  Private Gallery


October  –  “Custom Shoots” at BoundCon Austria

Ropemarks and Cobie, Part 2  –  Private Gallery

Ropemarks and Cobie, Part 1  –  Private Gallery

Vienna:  Lew Rubens and Cobie  –  Private Gallery

October – Shoot with Cobie at BoundCon Austria

We were delighted to have the chance to shoot with international star Cobie during this convention, held in Vienna.  The shoot took place in the pool area of the convention hotel.  The area was reserved for convention delegates but we were pleasantly surprised to find we had it to ourselves.

Cobie in Chains  –  Private Gallery

Cobie in Cuffs  –  Private Gallery


October – Shoot with Anita deBauch

Hallowe’en themed shoot at The Pit Studio in Nottingham

Captured and Rescued   –  Private Gallery

A Witch Prepares


October – Shoot with Ivory Flame

Ivory Flame is a fabulous and distinctive model and the autumn colours of her local park provided a perfect setting for her style.  We were also able to shoot her in her delightful apartment.

Flame Among the Foliage


August – Visit to FetishCon convention: St Petersburg, Florida


Pling Reads a Book

Danielle Reid

Decorative Dani  –  Private Gallery

Nikki Brooks

Nikki Brooks in Leather Straps  –  Private Gallery

Nikki Brooks in Rope Cuffs  –  Private Gallery

Kendra James

Have a Chair, Kendra  –  Private Gallery

Superheroine Showdown – 2015    –  (with many others)  – Private Gallery

Red Kriptonite  –  Private Gallery

Kendra James as Supergirl

The Pure Rebel

Steel Rebel  –  Private Gallery

Caroline Pierce

Relaxing on the Settee

Caroline Pierce Hogtie – Private Gallery

Caroline Relaxes



August – Shoot with Rachelle Summers at Joel Hicks Studio

Rachelle Beside the Lake

Glimpsed Over the Water

Rachelle on the Jetty


July – Shoot with Tillie at Yorkshire Studios

The St. Andrew’s Cross  –  Private Gallery

Lady of Mystery:  Lady of Drama

Tillie Throws Scarves

Multi-Coloured Rope  –  Private Gallery

Relaxing on the Day Bed

Relaxing in An Armchair


July – Portrait Lighting Tutorial

Portrait Lighting tutorial at Yorkshire Studios with Kris Karl and Tillie

A Lesson in Lighting


June – Still Life Photography

Pictures shot in June of items we bought in London and Munich during May

New Metal – May 2015


May – BoundCon convention – Munich

Ariel Flies – Final Stage Show  – Private Gallery

BoundCon Escape Challenge – Escaping – Private Gallery

BoundCon Escape Challenge – Tying – Private Gallery

Private shoot at BoundCon with Ariel Anderssen and Pling.

During BoundCon, we were fortunate to spend 3 hours shooting with Ariel And Pling.  For the first hour, we shot with Ariel and for the final one, just with Pling.  The second hour was with both models together.  We learned that this was the first tme they had worked together since a remarkable week-long expedition to Sweden with our favourite paysie – Restrained Elegance.

Back to Back  –  Private Gallery

The Well-Equipped Suite  – Private Gallery

Wooden Cuffs at BoundCon  – Private Gallery

Custom Photo Shoots at BoundCon Munich, May 2015

Damon and Pling with Katerina 2  – Damon Pierce with Pling and Katerina Blade – Private Gallery

Damon and Pling with Katerina 1  – Damon Pierce with Pling and Katerina Blade – Private Gallery

Damon and Pling Custom Photo Shoot 2  – Damon Pierce and Pling – Private Gallery

Damon and Pling Custom Photo Shoot 1  –  Damon Pierce and Pling – Private Gallery

Munich 2015 Custom Photo Shoot  –  Damon Pierce and Elise Graves  –  Private Gallery


May – A Week in Spain with Tillie and Keira Lavelle

In May we took what seemed like a major step forward in committing to a week long photography holiday in Andalucia.  It turned out to be immensely enjoyable in many ways – not just for the photography.  The holiday was based in a comfortable villa and we were taken to other locations by minibus.  The villa and minibus dictated a maximum of 6 photographers of which we were two.  It may not be a surprise to discover that a husband and wife team on a glamour photography holiday was unusual.

Keira’s Poolside Fashion

Keira Picks a Flower

Morning Light at the Lake

Add Wooden Handcuffs   –  Private Gallery

Tillie Relaxes on the bed

Tillie By the Tree – Private Gallery

Tillie Outdoors, Private Shoot

At the Waterfall – Private Gallery

Stairs and Window

The Barred Window – Private Gallery

Under the Aqueduct – Private Gallery

Tillie at the Aqueduct

Spain May 2015 – First Shots

Spain: First Shots – Private Gallery


April – Shoot with Ariel Anderssen

Ariel in the Chair  – Private Galery

More Fun in the Chair  – Private Gallery

Art Nude Geometrics (1)

Kitchen Tape   –  Private Gallery

Not Much Dusting Done  –  Private Gallery

Ariel Cleans the Kitchen  – Private Gallery

Ariel in Latex

The Venetian Mask

Waiting on the Stairs – Private Gallery

Ariel Looks in a Cupboard

Ariel Finds Some Toys – Private Gallery

In The Car  –  Private Gallery

Lady of the Manor

The Lady’s Private Fun – Private Gallery


April – Workshop Shoot with Emily Hamilton at The Pit Studio, Nottingham, UK

A “Mostly Natural Light” workshop organised and run by Rob Golding.

With a Little Help from the Light

Emily at The Pit, 1


March – Shoot/Tutorial with Lizzie Bayliss

Lizzie is herself a photographer as well as an experienced model and she has a large house which includes a professional studio as well as a selection of rooms decorated to suit different photographic scenarios.  Our tutorial day with her again concentrated on lighting  – especially combining natural light and flash.  This was the first shoot where for some sets we were using our own “trafelling” off camera lights.

Lizzie Throws a Scarf – Private Gallery

Portrait Poses with Lizzie Bayliss

More Portraits from Lizzie – Private Gallery

January – Lighting and Bondage Tutorial – Wales

Lighting Ariel Anderssen

Tying Ariel Anderssen – Private Gallery

Rope Tutorial – Private Gallery



November – Shoot with Anita DeBauch

We have heard it said a photographers never forget their first model.  We will always remember, and always be grateful to Anita for being the first model to risk shooting with us.

Anita and Hallowe’en

Strange Brew

The Dungeon Wall

September – “Still Life” Assignment

As part of a photography course through a magazine, we undertook a project to take still life pictures of kitchen objects.  This also helped us set up our first rig for shooting still life. Of course, for our own amusement, we took a few shots of objects other than kitchen utensils.

Still Life – Early Shots

August –  FetishCon convention, Tampa

Superheroine Showdown – 2014 – Private Gallery



August – FetishCon convention, Tampa

FetishCon 2013 – Private Gallery

May –  BoundCon convention, Munich

BoundCon 2013 – Private Gallery