December – Visiting the “Christmas Do” at the Photofinca Studio in Yorkshire, UK
Festive fun with friends and a chance to meet new models.

December – Shoot with Tillie and Rachelle Summers

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November – Shooting around the BoundCon Munich Meets Feringapark convention
We very much enjoyed this smaller version of the “BoundCon” event – and will become almost permanent features.  With A’s sight and mobility problems, having the whole event in the hotel proved a huge plus.  During this we also had our …

November – Shoot with Pling in Munich, Germany

October – Shoot with Natalia Forrest at our Home/Studio

October – Shoot with Christina Carter at our Home/Studio
It was undoubtedly one of the highlights of the year when the international star Christina Carter came to our house.  We were specially thrilled that she brought her iconic Wonder Woman costume so we could include pictures of her in that role.

October – Shoot at Home/Studio with Caroline Pierce

September – One Week Photography Holiday in Spain with Tillie and Bex-H

Another fabulous holiday from Photofinca.  Tillie brought all her fun, style and experience of the locations and Bex came with a specialism in yoga positions and moves.

September – Photography Holiday in Spain with Rosa Brighid
A short addition before the subsequent event (above).  Two shooting days with the lovely Rosa.

August – Shoot with Tillie
We were delighted when Tillie announced she had availability at short notice and invited her to shoot with us.  Part of the purpose of this shoot was for both of us to test new camera lenses – and the results with them delighted us too.

The Warrior in the Woods

Tillie in the Country

July – Shoot with WendyWarrior
This fun day was a first for us in several ways.  It as our first shoot with an amateur model.  Wendy had approached us because she wanted to shoot with some of our props.  So, it was also the first shoot where we were not in sole control of what we were shooting.  Another first was that we shot outdoors in publicly accessible places close to home.  Also, it was a first for us getting video onto the internet.  We have previously shot experimental video but it had not yet been edited.  Wendy asked us to shoot video and we think she has been much more prompt putting it up.

Climbing Tiger

Cats Relaxing  

July – Shoot with Kitty Quinzell at Harbour Studio
The day after our shoot with Rachelle, we returned to Harbour Studio to shoot with Kitty.  We spent another wondervul day – sometimes using the same sets and sometimes different ones – as Kitty brought her own distinctive style t the shoot.  It was great to have the experience of working in Harbour Studio and all the help from people there, but we realised we may be getting a little old for two consecutive full days shooting.  As we took Kitty back to catch her train, M definitely decided central Newcastle is not a pleasant place to drive.

Kitty’s Fan (1)

Kitty Quinzell Plays with the Handcuffs

Stylish Kitty

Kitty on the Bed

Kitty Cuffed on Red

Kitty on Red

July – Shoot with Rachelle Summers at Harbour Studio
In July, we visited the North East of England, combining a visit to A’s family with shoots with models based in or near the area.  We booked Harbour Studio in North Shields mainly as a backup if the weather made outdoor locations impossible.  So, for our shoot with Rachelle Summers we started at a local lake but soon found it was getting too busy and moved to the studio.  The selection of sets and helpfulness of the owners made it an excellent choice.

Rachelle Summers – Desk Work

Tyre Hugging

Relaxing in Style

Rachelle Roped in the Barn 

Rachelle in the Barn

July – Shoot with Keira Lavelle at Joel Hicks studio

Sword by the Lake

Playing With her Chain  –  Private Gallery

June – Shoot with Sophia Smith at our Home/Studio

Arms Up

Sophia Smith in Our Pet Crate – Private Gallery

June – Shoot with Artemis Fauna at MaP Studios

Artemis Art Nude

June – Manor House Shoot
We went to one of the Manor House workshop shoots organised by Pauls Studio of Reading.  We shot with two excellent models.

Natasha J. Bella


Rebecka Leah

The New Bodyguard

May – Shoot with Kobe Lee in Atlanta, Ga

May – Shoot with Ariel Anderssen in the USA

Gosh, this was a fabulous and fortunate occasion.

Just Add Water  –  Private Gallery

Ariel Self-Bondage  –  Private Gallery

Keeping Ariel Quiet  –  Private Gallery

On The Floor  –  Private Gallery

April – Shoot with Rachelle Summers in Grantham

Rachelle Plays With Handcuffs     –  Private Gallery

Rachelle Tries the Cat Mask

Mrs Bear is Boss    –  Private Gallery

April – Shoot with Ariel Anderssen and Temptress Kate 

On the second day of our shoot with Ariel Anderssen, we were joined by Kate and worked to the same pattern with the morning at Top Hat Studio and the afternoon at our house.  Ariel and Kate have worked together many times, in particular on the Restrained Elegance website so the chemistry between them was exceptional.  Sadly, this proved to be our last day at Top Hat in that form because shortly afterwards their premises were damaged following a fire nearby.  We hope they are up and running again soon.

Still Not Much Dusting Done  –  Private Gallery

Crazy Fun in the “Sideways Room”

The Footstool Slavegirl  – Private Gallery

A Parcel Arrives

Master Bear Joins the Fun  –  Private Gallery

Kate Ties Ariel  –  Private Gallery

Ariel Ties Kate  –  Private Gallery

April – Shoot with Ariel Andessen at our Home/Studio

We were thrilled to be able to shoot with Ariel Anderssen for two full days at the start of April 2016.

Cute in the Cage  –  Private Gallery

Body, Light and Curves, 1-c  –  Private Gallery

Body, Light and Curves, 1-b  –  Private Gallery

Body, Light and Curves, 1-a

Cat and Bear

Ariel as Cat

Handcuffs in the 70s Room  – Private Gallery

Ariel in the 70s Room

March  –  Shoot with Tillie at Joel Hicks studio

Flying High

March – Shoot with Emily Hamilton at Joel Hicks studio

Emily in Angled Cuffs  –  Private Gallery

Emily in the Cat Mask

February – Shoot with Natalia Forrest at her home
We were very excited to be shooting with Natalia Forrest and were able to arrange a visit to her as part of a trip to a film festival in Wales.

Add a Padlock  –  Private Gallery

Natalia’s Kitchen

Red Dress:  Red Rope  –  Private Gallery

Natalia Forrest

February – Shoot with Roswell Ivory

Roswell’s Linked Jewellery

Roswell Ivory

January – Shoot with Temptress Kate at TopHat Studio

Hands and Feet  –  Part 3 of “Kate in the Country House  –  Private Gallery

Rope Cuffs for the Ankles – Part 2 of “Kate in the Country House”  –  Private Gallery

Kate in the Country House  

Kate in the 70s

January – Shoot with Rosa Brighid at Yorkshire Studios

Rosa Stands Out