December – Shoot with Roswell Ivory

December – Shoot with Bad Dolly

December – Shoot with Zoe Page at our Home/Studio
Our first full shoot with this amazing creative

December – Shoot with Tillie and Rachelle Summers at our Home/Studio

November – Shoot with Artemis Fauna and Ivory Flame
We were thrilled to be able to take part in this shoot, which was the last one at the house Artemis had lived in and used as a studio for several years.

November – Shoot with Stephanie Bonham-Carter at the Natural Light Studio
This was our first shoot with Stephanie and our first at the Natural Light studio.  We were delighted with both.

November – Shoot with Caroline Pierce at our Home/Studio

November – Shooting around the “BoundCon Munich Meets Feringapark” convention
This was also the location for …

November – Shoot with WendyWarrior in Munich, Germany

October – Shoot with Carla Monaco at MaP studio
We were excited to shoot at MaP soon after it moved to new and enlarged premises.

October – Shoot with Sophia Smith at our Home/Studio
Sophia had been due to shoot a “duo” with another model but that was postponed after the other model cancelled her commitments with us.

October – Shoot with Keira Lavelle at our Home/Studio (A only)
Another fun shoot – the first this energetic, flexible and helpful model at our home/studio.  This was also the first time A had undertaken a shoot without help and support from M.  Again, we were delighted that all seemed to go well and thank Keira for her help.

September – Location Shoot in Crete with Keira Lavelle
This trip was a first for us in that it was the first time that we were the only photographers.  This meant that A was had no worries that his special needs were conflicting with or upsetting other photographers.  We had lots of fun and we think Keira did too – if only from her willingness to set up similar trips in future.

August – Shooting around the “FetishCon” convention in Florida, USA
Back in the USA for lots more fun as we feel we are starting to get known at these events.  We also had a location for the shoots below …

August – Shoot with Bella Ink in Florida, USA

August – Shoot with Fayth on Fire in Florida, USA
In addition to a splendid shoot, we would like to record our sincere thanks to Fayth for the help and hospitality she extended to us during our stay in Florida.

August – Shoot with Nikki Brooks in Florida, USA

July – Shoot with Tillie at Photofinca studio in Yorkshire, UK
Among the “firsts” for this shoot was taking our own lights to another location.  This caused some amusement (the studio was fully equipped) but was a useful training exercise for us while working with good friends

July – Shoot with Bad Dolly

July – Shoot with Misuzu
We had a lot of fun with Misuzu.  She produced wonderful shots for us shooting around the house/studio as well as outdoors on our riverside decking.  She also introduced us to one or two unfamiliar ideas that have added to our range.  A particular feature is that this shoot was arranged at very short notice.  She announced her availability one evening. The shoot was ficed up at 10 o’ clock at night and the studio was set up and ready for her by 9 o’ clock the next morning.  This was something of a test of A’s abilityh to cope with stress and we are delighted he passed so easily.

June – Shoot with Keira Lavelle at Joel Hicks’ studio

June – Shoot with Natalia Forrest

June – Photography Holiday in Cyprus, shooting with Tillie and Rachelle Summers
Another week of comfort and good company with exceptional photography opportunities

June – Extended Location Photoshoot in the Algarve, Portugal, shooting with Artemis Fauna and Carla Monaco
This wonderfully relaxing luxury event was organised by Artemis.  We were able to shoot in and around the villa and in a variety of locations she had identified.  A distinctive feature was a chance to shoot in the style of famous photographers with special locations and instruction on shooting technique.

May – Shooting around the “BoundCon Munich” convention
Lots of fun at the convention – and also the location for  …

May – Shoot with Pling in Munich, Germany

May – Shoot with Fayth on Fire in Munich, Germany

May – Shoot with Christina Carter in Munich, Germany

May – Photography Holiday in southern Spain shooting with Rachelle Summers and Scarlot Rose
Another great event organised by Photofinca

April – Shoot with Rebecca Perry

April – Shoot with Penny Lee and Bad Dolly at our Home/Studio

March – Shoot with Tillie and Rachelle Summers in Birmingham,  UK
We arranged a short shoot with these lovely models while we were all attending the Photography Show.

March – “mini-shoot” with Zoe Page
A few shots with Zoe taken while we were both staying in the same hotel after being guests at a social event.

March – Shoot with Lizzie Bayliss at Sandon Studios
Another fabulous day with this great model and location

March — Shoot with Ariel Anderssen and Tillie at Ariel’s home
Some remarkable shots achieved although the house was clearly setting up for other things

March – Shoot with Simone Huntley at Coco Studios
Sadly, our first visit to Coco was within a few days of it closing.  It was a super space with lots of interesting room sets.  Simone created some gorgeous looks there.

January – Shoot with Debbie Anne
Practising techniques with one of the models from the course

January – Weekend Course in Studio Lighting
A special event organised by a local professional photographer and trainer for an enthusiasts’ group