December – Shoot with Rachelle Summers and Scarlot Rose at Two Wei Location House and our Home Studio
More fun with this remarkable duo

December – 2 day shoot with Sophia Smith at Two Wei Location House and our Home/Studio
One day in a new and fascinating location and one day with our sets at home. It adds up to two amazing days with this fabulous model.

December – Shoot at our Home/Studio with Keira Lavelle (A only)
While M was shooting boudoir, A released the creative dynamo that is Keira on our Christmas and hanging chain sets.

November-December – 2 day workshop shooting “Posh Frocks and Boudoir” (M only)
Workshop lead by Andrew Appleton

November – Shoot at our Home/Studio with Nicky Phillips
Our first- but we hope not our last – full day shoot with Nicky and her first visit to our home.

November – Short Day Shoot at our Home/Studio with Samantha Alexandra
We are enjoying working with this beautiful and creative model very much

November – Shoot at our Home/Studio with Emily Hamilton
A first chance to try out some Christmas and fantasy horror sets we had made in the house

October – Extended Location Shoot in Nevada, USA with Rachelle Summers and Scarlot Rose
Another amazing experience organised by Rachelle with a comfortable villa and scouted locations including colourful rockscapes, ghost towns and even Death Valley. Of course, we didn’t miss out on the unique style of the Las Vegas Strip as well.

September – Location Shoot in Tuscany with Artemis Fauna

September – Extended Location Shoot in Menorca with Keira Lavelle and Renaissance
Another week long extravaganza of fun and creativity. Keira provided an interesting villa plus a selection of amazing locations, from disused quarries to an old fort.

August – Shoot at Home with Little Red Girl
A lovely day shooting with a remarkable lady.

August – Shoots during the “FetishCon” convention in Florida, USA
We extended out stay at FetishCon this year so were at the hotel for a couple of days before the event opened officially. We initially decided to do this to help with jet lag, but it meant we were able to catch a few models for shoots before we or they got too busy. We enjoyed a wonderful week meeting and getting acquainted with mny remar4kable people and enjoying the warmth of the fetish community.

July – Shoot at Home with Natalia Forrest
Another amazing day with this wonderful model and person.

July – Shoot at Home with Penny Lee and Bad Dolly
We have now shot with this amazing duo a number of times but their fun, skill and professionalism is always refreshing.

July – Tutorial/Shoot in Yorkshire with Natasha J Bella
A truly enjoyable as well as educational day with a fantastic model

July – Weekend location shoot organised by Rachelle Summers – “the Bedord Belles”
Two days (for A) and one day (for M) shooting 4 wonderful models in a magnificent country house setting. Thanks to Cariad, Gem, Nicole and Rachelle.

June – Extended Location Shoot in southern France with Rachelle Summers and Scarlot Rose
A week with two fabulous models, the sort of luxury villa Rachelle has made a feature of her trips and some fabulous locations. This was also the first outing of some spectacular “scale mail” outfits we acquired at BoundCon.

May – Shooting at BoundCon convention in Munich
Three days in southern Germany with lots of excitement and familiar and new people to meet. We had three private shoots – with US model Fayth on Fire; Swedish model, Pling; and Australian model Cobie. We also participated in both the “custom shoots” and public shoots run by the organisers.

May – Shoot at home/studio with Kitty Quinzell
We have always had fun on previous shoots with Kitty and this time was no exception. She seems to have developed in skill and range of modelling without losing her sense of fun. We were specially pleased to know we wold be seeing her again soon – withing a few days in Munich

May – Extended Location Shoot in Gozo shooting with Keira Lavelle and Renaissance
Another of Keira’s “Arts Voyage International” trips centred in a delightful modernised farmhouse in a small town on Gozo.

May – M on 5 day photography course
Part 2 of Andrew Appleton’s “Complete Photographer”

April – Photography Holiday in Tuscany shooting with Artemis Fauna and Carla Monaco
Four days of shooting with these lovely models in the company of two other photographers. And any mention of one of Artemis’s holidays would be incomplete without mentioning the friendly help and hospitality of Iain T

April – Shoot in Tuscany with Artemis Fauna
Two days to ourselves with Artemis, the picturesque old villa she had hired and the varied locations she had scouted before we were joined by colleagues for one of her photogreaphly holidays.

April – Shoot at our home/studio with Caroline Pierce and UK Cute Girl, Lucy Lauren and assisted by Christian Red
We really love having Caroline come to visit and shoot with us. We first met her at FetishCon in the USA when she was enormous help explaining the ways of US models. We have since shot with her several times and love creating new ways to release her energy and imagination. She and Lucy had not previously met but were so great together. Another innovation was for us to use a professional rigger in our bondage photography at our home/studio. Christian is also a teacher and we hope to work with him again to make use of he many talents.

April – Shoot with Samantha Alexandra at our home/studio
We really enjoyed meeting and shooting with Samantha. We are getting very busy and are looking for ways to cut down on commitments but we are so glad we fixed up this shoot before starting to cut back.

April – Shoot with Simone Huntley at Map Studios
A two hour slot allowed very welcome chances to renew acquaintances with both this lovely model and the well-equipped studio.

April – Shoot at Home with Emily “Jezebelle” Hamilton
We were very happy to get a final shoot with Emily before her planned retirement from modelling.

March – A shooting with Rachelle Summers in London
While M was in Vietnam, A needed to spend some time in London for a hosp[tal appointment. He was lucky to be able to add a day shooting with Rachelle in an apartment she had taken for the purpose.

March – M on photography holiday to Vietnam with Natalia Forrest, Keira Lavelle and Bex White
A week in this wonderful, exotic location organised by Natalia.

March – Shoots connected to the Photography Show
We found an interestng location to stay for the Photography Show at the UK’s National Exhibition Centre. We arranged short shoots with Rachelle Summers and Nicole Rayner; Keira Lavelle and Nicky Phillips.

March – Shoot at Home with Scarlett Fox
This was a day when M was having a one-to-one tutorial with Andrew Appleton as part of the mentoring he is doing for M. In the morning, Andrew was teaching camera techniques and Scarlett modeled. In the afternoon, Andrew was teaching M computer techniques so Scarlett shot with A.

March – Shoot at Home with Rachel Adams
Fabulous to meet and work with this amazing international star

March – A shoots at Home with Rachelle Summers and Keira Lavelle
A shoot while M was in Venice

February-March – M on photography holiday to Venice
This was a regular trip to the Carnival organised by professional photographer/trainer Andrew Appleton but M added a couple of extra days for herself.

February – Shoot/Tutorial with Scarlot Rose and Christian Red
A day in which we combined learning from Christian with admiring his work and shooting Scarlot