August: Location shoot with Keira Lavelle
A visit to Two Wei Location House where we had made careful arrangements in case of poor weather but did not need them because the dry day enabled us to enjoy the open spaces and splendid backdrops of their spacious grounds.

August: Location Shoot with Rhianna Grey
Shooting in a public park and open spaces with Rhianna was A’s first “live” photography since lockdown.

July: Location Shoot with Rachelle Summers (M only)
As models started to get back to work, Rachelle organised a tour and invited us to a stop at Two Wei Location House. From abundant caution, only M went and enjoyed fun and excellent photography with ample spacing and well thought out precautions.

Lockdown Specials
During lockdown, we commissioned some models who had the resources to create photosets for us to do final editing on and publish. Our thanks to Rachelle Summers, Natalia Forrest and Tillie

March to September … and ongoing: The Coronavirus Lockdown
Many shoots and trips have been cancelled because of the lockdown. A is in the “highly vulnerable” classification and his doctors still advise isolation at time of writing at the end of August. We hope to reschedule some of the overseas trips to similar times in 2021 but we do not know when we may be able to shoot n our home/studio again.

We have had some fun shooting with our bondage bears and M has spend a lot of time learning techniques with Lightroom and Photoshop on the internet.

The sudden death of Andrew Appleton was a blow to us as to his many friends and collaborators.

March: Shoot at Home with Stardust
Our first shoot with Stardust but far from our last if we have anything to do with it.

February: Shoot at Home with Rachel Adams
A day of wonderful pictures with this delightful US star

February: Shoot at Home with Zoe Page (A only)
Another amazing day of crazy fun while M was in Venice – but it was the only day Zoe could offer us. M looks forward to next time.

February: Shoot at Home with Keira Lavelle (A only)
Two days with this dynamo of creative energy while M was in Venice

February: Venice with Andrew Appleton (M only)
Lots of amazing townscape pictures plus the creativity of carnivale

January-February: Guild of Photographers
Awards for M and lots of learning and socialising. Including amazing “Cosplay” photography with “The Joker” and “Ghost Rider”

January: Societies of Photographers Convention
Learning with experts and comparing notes with colleagues.

January: Shoot with Natalia Forrest
An amazing day with Natalia at her home

January: 4 day “Photoshop” Course (M only)