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Welcome.  Thank you for visiting our website.

 In this website, we aim to do two things.

Show some of the pictures that interest us as our hobby of photography grows, and

Offer some, largely random, views through our Blog.

This site does include some artistic nude photographs and some references to consensual adult fetish fun. Children and anyone who doesn’t want to see these things should  navigate away now.

Some of our posts and photographs are reserved for friends whom we know personally and know to be adult .  Friends should use the button below to login.  There is no sex or violence anywhere on this site.  Artistic nudity is in a separate gallery (Portfolio 2).  There are images of bondage equipment but any showing it in use should be confined to the “private” pages in Portfolio 3.  If you are offended by, or do not wish to see, the sort of thing this site contains, please navigate away now.

Yes, the site needs a lot of updating.  We have been working on other things for some time.  Now, we are working on this site some of the time too.  🙂